Woodland Mobile Meals

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Woodland Mobile Meals, a non-profit corporation, was created by a group of Woodland citizens on November 1, 1979 for the sole purpose of providing meals every weekday to the house-bound and to those who are unable to prepare a meal for themselves. 

   Local volunteers have maintained this commitment to their neighbors for over thirty years without Federal, State, or Local government funding.  100% of every dollar donated to Woodland Mobile Meals is spent on food.  Volunteers not only give of their time and energy but contribute transportation, fuel, and office supplies without subsidy.    

   These efforts contribute to the overall well-being of the greater Woodland community and their actions underscore that in Woodland independent community spirit remains alive, spanning generations, and crossing all walks of life.  

   The Rotary Club of Woodland accepts community donations to Woodland Mobile Meals and has donated financially to Woodland Mobile Meals since the inception of the club by collecting and matching donations from club members and guests at the first Rotary club meeting of each month.     

Rotary Club of Woodland . PO Box 482 . Woodland, WA  98674